Important Notice: Using Your Debit Card at Gas Stations

gas pump iconWhen you use your debit card at gas stations and select to use the card as CREDIT (Debit transactions using your PIN are unaffected), most gas stations put a $75 hold on your card. If the gas station does not use the same authorization number when settling, then not only will the $75 be held, but the actual transaction amount will be held until the transaction is processed or up to 48 hours; whichever comes first.

This can cause you to have returned checks or returned ACH transactions due to miscalculating your current balance. Tampa Postal FCU cannot control how the merchant processes their transactions and they will usually have a small note on their gas pumps.

How to Address this Problem:

If you use your debit card as a DEBIT (use your PIN), the hold will not be placed on your account. If you select to use it as a CREDIT, assume the gas station put an extra $75 hold on your account for 48 hours. This will help you prevent having returned checks or returned ACH transactions.