Checking, Savings & Loans – Make the Switch Today!

With big banks announcing new big fees, there has never been a better time to switch your accounts to Tampa Postal FCU than now! We offer No Fee Debit Cards, Lower Loan Rates and Better Savings Yields. And we do it because we're not-for-profit. We're here to serve you, our members; not stockholders.



Why pay big banks up to $60 a year just to use your Debit Card? Make the switch to Tampa Postal's FREE Checking Account. You'll receive all the features you expect, plus receive extra perks such as the ability to view cleared checks online at NO COST.



Switch Your SAVINGS!

Set up all your accounts at Tampa Postal so they are in one location – Savings, Money Market, Certificates and IRA. You'll experience more convenient banking when you have the ability to transfer money between your various accounts directly through secure online banking, 24/7.



Switch Your LOANS!

This year at Tampa Postal FCU, we completely changed the way we approve loans. We understand bad things can happen to good people – especially in this economy. That is why our new lending approval process reviews up to 30 different factors regarding your financial situation; not just a few like nearly all financial institutions. The result has been tremendous – members have never been happier and we're approving more loans than we have in years!

Plus, we released an additional $20 million to lend to year. If you need a loan, now is the time!



Switching your vehicle loan from your current lender to Tampa Postal FCU could save you a bundle. And our New Lending Program makes getting approved quick and easy. Find out how much we can save you – it only takes a few minutes to apply!




A true perk of membership, our Platinum MasterCard is simply the BEST CREDIT CARD around! With FIXED Rates as low as 7.99% APR, Generous CU Rewards and NO Annual Fee – you'll save on interest each month and still earn the rewards you want!




Why pay more interest than you have to each month? Put more money in your pocket and pay off your loans quicker with help from Tampa Postal FCU's Personal Loans.



If you need assistance with Switching Your Accounts to Tampa Postal FCU, please stop by any branch location or call us at 813.264.4969| 800.782.4899. We're here to help – just ask!