Important Notice :: SCAM ALERT

Many members have reported they are receiving emails that appear to be from Tampa Postal FCU asking you to activate or reactivate your Debit and/or Credit Cards. DO NOT click on these links. We will never send you an email asking you to enter any personal information. If you receive an email of this nature, please contact the Credit Union at 1-800-782-4899.


Also, other members in the past have received automated phone calls and text messages claiming to be from Tampa Postal FCU. The messages state that there is an error with your Debit Card and request you either call a specific number or reply with personal information. DO NOT RESPOND to these messages.


Tampa Postal FCU will NEVER send automated phone calls, texts or emails requesting your personal information. If you received one of these messages and responded, please contact the Credit Union immediately at 813.264.4969 | 800.782.4899.


As your Credit Union, we do everything possible to protect your financial accounts from fraud. However, these scams target you personally and often are very convincing. If you are ever unsure of an email or phone call you receive claiming to be from the Credit Union - contact us directly at 813.264.4969.